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Digital Operating Theatre

Most healthcare experts would agree that one of the most challenging situations during a surgery is monitoring an increasing number of systems, like PACS, DICOM, HIS and video streaming and storing significant sensitive patient and surgery data

Here is the new innovative PACS, HIS & RIS digital imaging system with features that offer detailed surgical recording and real-time flow retrieval .

SMART OR manages all surgical video sources, displays them in one variety of output devices and provides access to the entire image network. The SMART OR makes it possible to achieve video streams and connect them to HIS, RIS and PACS information systems.

SMART OR uses multimedia technology to monitor, store and transmit all signals to an IP network. Let’s see what SMART OR can do to make a surgery run in more easy and efficient way.

These are the 4 innovative functions of SMART OR System


SMART OR uses routing paths, that can be specially designed for your needs, give the team full control over all signals and output devices in a simple and efficient way


SMART OR hardware encoding converts all image, video and audio signals for further processing.


SMART OR provides an ultra fast network streaming that allows both live transmission and space-saving archiving in full HD quality. All streaming is availabel to authenticated users, that can communicate in real time with each other.


SMART OR uses a central archive system with data that can be accessed, saved, linked and processed both locally and remotely.

How SMART OR manages top quality data with less effort

SMART OR can provide a video conferencing and messaging in real time.

It allows you to centrally direct images to selected monitors and users.

Achieve optimum hygiene conditions

Combine it with MODULAR WALL SYSTEM, for achieving optimum hygiene conditions inside operation room.

Smart Or can be embedded in the modular wall system Vaelma, minimizing object volumes and creating a single surface that can be easily cleaned and sterilized. Moreover, Smart Or keyboard is specially designed to be cleaned as a single surface as well.

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