Axis Medical can supply a wide range of electronic hand-washing units.

The handwashing units can be made of stainless steel or SMS. They consist of a one single block including a sink and an upper paneling forming an even surface without sharp corners and edges. The upper part of the paneling has an inclination of 30° to prevent any build-up of dirt. The outside of the handwashing unit is shot peened. Shot peening is a special treatment that smoothers and hardens the outer surface of the material thus making it easier to be cleaned. The upper paneling can be fitted with:

  • Electronic taps with or without automatic shutoff device
  • Dispensers of soap or disinfectant with electronically adjustable quantity of soap delivered through a self-priming peristaltic pump fitted with anti-dripping system

Thermostatic mixers with temperature hold button (to be pushed to exceed 38°)