Hermetic sealing sliding door

Hermetic doors limit the air flow between two areas and create a controlled environment by reducing air leakage. Therefore, the potential for cross contamination is minimized. They are specifically designed for use in any areas where air permeability, hygiene, and noise insulation are critical, such as operating theaters, laboratories, clean rooms, and silent areas.

Hospitals have some specific requirements for doors, for example, X-ray rooms require radiation protection. Operating theaters and intensive care units need to be hermetically sealed to prevent air contamination and enable special equipment to be used safely.

  • Canopy shape and structure prevents penetration of dust and moisture.
  • Antibacterial nanolaminate leaf surface kills 99.9% of bacteria within 24 hours
  • Compact automation unit based on latest technology Improves space efficiency without compromising functionality.
  • Energy-efficient liſting for heavy doors. Dual motors add reliability.
  • Lightweight leaf reduces energy consumption, extends door lifetime, and enables faster opening and closing.
  • Smart, innovative leaf materials, nanolaminates, contribute to green building certification, have self-repairing and antibacterial features, and are easy to clean.