Effective communication and time synchronization are the basic principles of how we operate and work.

We grow up fast and we constantly meet new challenges in an ever-evolving environment


All experience in the construction of hospital and clean spaces of the executives of Axismedical is transformed into a new corporate scheme in the form that goes until today.


The company is moving to its new facilities, in a modern environment with open office space and state-of-the-art showroom.


Axismedical’s presence at world-class exhibitions such as Medica (Duesseldorf) and Arab Health (Dubai) makes the company a competitive player of global level.


Company’s portfolio is now enriched by many special projects inside and outside the borders with a presence throughout the country, but also Libya, Egypt, Germany, England, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Russia, Albania, Skopje.


The COVID-19 pandemic was seen by Axismedical as a challenge – an invitation to offer its services and know-how to improve the country’s health infrastructure, for the common good. The flagship of the projects delivered by the company, in addition to the excellent cooperation with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and other bodies, was the implementation of the project of 18 mobile intensive care units, donated by the GREECE 2021 committee with the first installation of General Hospital Papanikolaou in Thessaloniki.