Ceiling Lights

Luminaries in health care facilities and other rooms of controlled environmental parameters might be built based on variable product solutions. There is a wide range of different luminaries in terms of light sources, control systems, emergency lighting systems, power supply etc.

Series of luminaires recommended for clean rooms where increased IP protection degree is required. Version for LED light sources with two types of diffusers: micro-prismatic and opal available. Luminaire dedicated for installation in recessed and 600×600 ceiling with visible grid and with OPAL diffuser.

Surgery Lights

The focus with which a surgeon is able to operate, and the degree of success of his work, depend in part on the right lighting. Tissue, bone and skin each have different structures and colours. Therefore, the right light intensity, light field size and colour temperature therefore play an important role and provide the foundations for working with as little fatigue as possible. The light field matrix, shadow management and variable light field geometries are all decisive factors. In addition, our lights offer intuitive, self-explanatory usability, thanks to their displays and handgrips.

Our luminaires provide optimal conditions for you to work calmly and precisely.

Gynaecology Lights

As a gynaecologist, an experienced, accurate view is an important diagnostic tool and an everyday part of your work. The right light plays a central role: colour-neutral, pinpoint accurate and reliable. We offer a range of different treatment lights specifically designed for gynaecologists, all of which have one thing in common: they are bright, and easy and versatile to use. Equipped with energy-saving, particularly durable LED technology, our lights create the ideal conditions for your work.