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The Benefits of a Digital Operating Theatre

Operating theaters are increasingly digitized around the world. However, decades ago, surgeons seemed to suffer due to missing fundamental elements and infrastructure. Poor planning, communication problems and inability to perform certain functions as there was no digital tool or technology.

As new technologies emerge, this image changes decisively, giving new possibilities to the medical field, especially in the operating room, where digital transformation and digital operating theatre has enormous benefits

What are the benefits of a Digital Operating Theatre

Faster Operations

surgeons performing operation operation room

Surgeons can now perform operations faster, with more accurate execution of important operations, thanks to detailed real-time imaging

Aggregation of Data

digital operating theatre
digital operating theatre

Nurses, administrators, and even patients have a wealth of aggregated data sent to them by innovative software.

Better Programming

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With this information, support teams can plan surgeries more efficiently, reducing waste and cost.

Information to patients

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By recording procedures, patients can now be better informed about what is happening, as there is full traceability of the procedure. Thus, they can feel safer and have better communication with their doctor

Education of Young Doctors

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Broadcast a surgical procedure in real time, for educational purposes, to monitors outside the operating room.

The training of new doctors becomes easier and more detailed, while the teaching doctor performs the operation calmly, comfortably explaining the required actions.

What is a digital operating room

smart or
Smart Or Digital O.T.

The new innovative PACS, HIS & RIS digital imaging modality with features that offer detailed surgical recording and real-time flow retrieval

What is the process of upgrating my O.T to digital?

Our company builds and renovates innovative operating theaters throughout Greece, and in countries such as Cyprus, Russia, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, offering a holistic solution that includes all stages of study, planning and implementation.

We start simply, with a phone call!

Step 1

You contact us and let us know how your space works and where you think it needs improvement.

Step 2

We visit your place to see all the details up close.

Step 3

We prepare our proposal with a comprehensive technical and economic offer and schedule.

Step 4

This is followed by the conclusion of a contract and the execution of the works


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