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How can I impove safety in my operating theatre?

How can I make my operating theatre be more safe? This is a crucial question asked by many surgeons and healthcare experts. Inside an operating theatre, safety is the most important concern for patients, surgeons and nursing staff.

The thorough construction and renovation of an operating theatre ensures the optimal controlled conditions, while at the same time modern technology facilitates and expands the possibilities of the surgical staff, as a result of which medical operations become increasingly precise, fast, safe, with the most modern means of imaging, recording and diagnosis.

Our company constructs and renovates innovative operating theaters throughout Greece, and in countries such as Cyprus, Russia, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, offering a holistic solution that includes all stages of study, planning and implementation.

How can I impove safety in my operating theatre?

Here are some points to look out for, in order to have a safer operating theatre, where medical acts can be carried out in an aseptic environment.

Antibacterial Modular Wall System

Operation Theatre
Operating Theatre

Vaelma© HPL modular wall system consists of modular panel elements, which are characterized by high chemical surface resistance to mechanical influences.

Being fully flexible, it allows a separate de-installation of each individual panel in a very short period. Joints between the panels are sealed with special silicone or aluminum rounded parts, meeting all requirements of internationally accepted regulatory standards (i.e. GMP).

According to each project’s individual requirements, cut-outs and electrical channels are prepared already in our production site or in advance (factory fabricated). Detailed and early-phase engineering ensures best quality and an efficient on-site installation process.

What is important about Vaelma© is that it forms a non-porous, hermetic, and flush antibacterial surface which is the main requirement in order to create a clean and controllable environment

Digital Operating Theatre

Onassis operating theatre axismedical
Onassis operating theatre Axis Medical

The new innovative PACS, HIS & RIS digital imaging modality with features that offer detailed surgical recording and real-time flow retrieval.

 It uses multimedia technology to monitor, store and transmit all signals to an IP network. It can combined with Vaelma© HPL MODULAR WALL SYSTEM, for achieving optimum hygiene conditions inside operation room.

Hermetic Operating Theatre Doors

onassis cardiac surgery center operating theatre axismedical
Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center O.T. Axis Medical

Hermetic doors restrict air flow between two spaces and create a controlled atmosphere environment, reducing air leakage. Their customization allows endless combinations. They can be sliding or swing, with elbow, contactless, bar, emergency opening buttons, lead shielding and vision panels.

Laminar Flow System


Laminar Flow System is a ventilation system that pushes clean air down from the ceiling toward the ground, so air comes purely clean to the surgical site.

How long does my operating theatre needs to be closed for refurbishment?

Our specialization and the many years of experience that our company has, allows for the quick execution of all tasks and the delivery of a room ready for use in a few days!

What is the process for making my operating theatre safer?

It all starts with a contact

Step 1

You contact us and let us know how your space works and where you think it needs improvement

Step 2

We visit your place to see all the details up close

Step 3

We prepare our proposal with a comprehensive technical and financial offer and schedule

Step 4

This is followed by the conclusion of a contract and the execution of the works

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