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Supply and installation of electromechanical and other equipment for the configuration of space for the installation of the new spect / ct camera system at Kavala General Hospital

Project Description

Client: General Hospital of Kavala

Location: General Hospital of Kavala

Contractor: AxisMedical

Total space area: 60.00m²

Start of work 16/10/2020

Initially, dismantling works were carried out and the old c ‘camera was removed in the existing area of ​​the Nuclear Medicine department, in order to renovate and install the new c’ Camera. Complete electrical installation was carried out: Supply and installation of supply cable, electrical panel and electrical equipment of strong and weak currents. The construction works that have been done are the following: new radiation protection equipment has been installed on the walls and a radiation protection and lead door has been installed according to the radiation protection study. Supply and installation of dry building materials and equipment including underfloor canals, coating of new conductive floor.


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