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Configuration of the ground floor of a Biomedicine polyclinic, with a loft and a basement – Makrygianni Str, Ano Ilioupolis, Thessaloniki

Project Description

Construction of a New Biomedical Unit with basement and loft

Client: Biomedical Private Polyclinic Medicine SA

Year of Construction: 08/2019

The project included demolition of masonry – drilling holes in the slab, installation of a load-bearing structure in the attic – construction of a foundation, flooring, construction of internal partitions. To protect against radiation, the company proceeded to the supply and installation of masonry with radiation protection lead sheets and installation of internal frames made of metal frame with radiation protection shield. Also, the construction works included construction of false ceilings from mineral fiber cassettes and plasterboard cutters, installation of internal wooden frames made of metal frame, paints with antimicrobial paint. Finally, in the new Biomedicine unit, all the work required for the electrical and plumbing installations was performed.


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