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Reconstruction of laboratory and embryo transfer facilities at New Life I.V.F. Unit

Project Description

Reconstruction of laboratory and embryo transfer facilities in New Life I.V.F Unit.

The project included

Demolition works

Demolition of all existing masonry within the workshops, suspended ceilings and floors. Removal of debris.

Modular Wall System

Axis medical modular wall system specially designed for classified areas of high standards of cleanliness – cleanrooms, Frame suitable for the passage of E / M infrastructure. Final surface antimicrobial HPL panel – 99.9% microbial inactivation within 24 hours. Non-porous surface resistant to all cleaning substances and 10-year warranty

Dry Walls

Construction of dry walls in the embryologist’s office and the cryopreservation area

Wall painting

Painting surfaces with plastic antimicrobial paint in 3 layers

Doors and windows

View window between the “Embryologist’s Office” and “Embryology laboratory” dimensions 0.85 * 1.0m fixed level with the HPL finish

Interior doors suitable for cleanrooms

Mechanism for automatic door opening with security sensors ΕΝ16005 single leaf with elbow button or code panel or contactless opening sensor

Ceiling and Luminaires

Suspended ceiling from dry construction, painted with antimicrobial washable paint in 3 layers

IP54 clean waterproof luminaires suitable for operating rooms


Conductive and Anti-static PVC floor 2mm 


Workbenches with electrostatically painted steel bases and SMS crown

Electrical installation

Electrical installation of weak and strong currents, circuit breakers, connections of all networks to electrical panel in the space next to the cryopreservation, construction of rack of networks and weak currents in the same space, construction of electronic air conditioning panel

Medical Gases

Construction of a new network IA from medical grade synthetic tube inside the laboratories, supply and installation of new shots (5 N2, 5 CO2, 2 O2 and 1 AGSS)

Supply and installation of a column of fixed (without arm) triangular cross section of aluminum profile which includes 6 sockets (with color marking for UPS and generator) and places for gas outlets.



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