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Supply of 18 Portable Bed Intensive Care Units and Accompanying Necessary Equipment

Project Description

Client: Committee GREECE 2021

Location: General Hospital of Thessaloniki G Papanikolaou

Contractor: AxisMedical

Commencement of works 02 / 2021-04 / 2021

The project carried out complete electrical and plumbing installations, supply and installation of a new central air conditioning unit, installation of medical gas consoles and piping networks for installation of medical gas and hotel equipment for the needs of patients in ICU. The bearing body of the huts is made of metal with hot rolled sections. It consists of columns AND beams with clear static function, as provided by the study that is prepared and is able to receive all possible loads, both during use and during lifting and transport. The whole construction ensures complete rigidity and does not allow oscillations from dynamic loads.

The complex consists of two intensive care units with 9 beds each and the following ancillary areas:

  • 2 hospitals
  • Men’s locker rooms
  • Women’s locker rooms
  • Patient entry
  • Main corridor
  • Washing area – bochum
  • Nursing office
  • Doctors’ office
  • Office of the head
  • Office of the ICU Director
  • Doctors’ vigil
  • Area of ​​E / M facilities
  • Linen case
  • Consumer warehouse

Mobile ICU provides a clear solution in the event of an emergency public health risk that requires an increase in the capacity of ICU beds. The portable unit provides all the medical equipment needed for patients and can be connected to communicate with hospital facilities. The innovation of the portable unit is due to its ability to be installed quickly and safely where there is an increased need for ICU beds.


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