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Why it is so important that the Operating Theatre (O.T) floor is electrostatic and conductive

The electrostatic and conductive floor system offers a reliable solution for the most demanding controlled environments such as cleanrooms and operating theatres. Its main purpose is to maintain health and safety conditions within these premises.

Project: East Java Hospital, Indonesia

Why is it important that the floor is electrostatic and conductive?

Reducing the production of electrostatic charges is a key objective in protected areas such as operating theatres. In areas with such properties, the floor covering plays a decisive role. It not only absorbs electrostatic charges from personnel and equipment, but also reduces the charges where they occur, such as at the interface between shoes and the floor.

How the electrostatic and conductive floor covering works

Conductive floor parts

The covering is made with a homogeneous vinyl material with permanently conductive, electrostatic properties. To ensure consistent, reliable performance, carbon black spots are added to the vinyl material. The performance of the floor is enhanced by the copper strips placed under the vinyl material as well as the use of conductive glue to install the coating. In addition, where it makes conduct with the wall, the floor has a hollow skirting in order to ensure the hygiene requirements of such an environment.

The above contribute to the optimal performance of the floor covering, which will remain throughout its lifetime, regardless of the environmental conditions and their changes.

What are the advantages of electrostatic and conductive floor

-The materials as well as the carefully controlled installation procedures ensure a floor solution with permanent conductive properties that complies with all ESD floor standards.

-The optimal performance of the floor covering remains throughout its lifetime, regardless of environmental conditions and their changes, such as humidity levels.

-The upper layer of the lining is particularly resistant to stains and scratches.

-Its long lifespan provides the space with a sustainable and more economical solution over time.

-The variety of shades and finishes ensures a wide variety of aesthetic options and possibilities, depending on the needs of each space.

Where the electrostatic and conductive floor coating system can be applied

Project: East Java Hospital, Indonesia

Thanks to its properties, the electrostatic and conductive floor coating can be applied as an optimal solution in any type of controlled environment with strict health and safety requirements such as:

  • Operating rooms
  • ISO standard cleanrooms
  • GMP standards premises

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