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New Agency Agreement

A new Agency Agreement was signed recently between Axis Medical, Greece, and Samator Healthcare (Samator Group), Indonesia.

DSC 0076
Mr Rasid Harsono and Mr Ioannidis, signing the Agreement

Axis Medical specializes in Turn-Key solutions for Operating Theatres, which include, among others, modular wall system, clip-in ceilings, operating room lighting, hermetic sealed doors, digital integration system for PACS, HIS, RIS.

Samator Healthcare is part of Samator Group, which is expanded in multiple industries, including healthcare, chemicals, engineering procurement and construction (EPC), automative and real estate.

The signing ceremony was held at Axis Medical Headquarters in Thessaloniki and was presided by CEO of Axis Medical, Mr Ioannis Ioannidis, and President Director of Samator Healthcare, Mr Rasid Harsono.

The ceremony was also attended by Mr Martinus Harun Koentjoro,  Mr Djony Winarto,  Ms Sandra Wurangin from Samator Healthcare, and Mr Dimitrios Kapsalis, Mr Polimeris Spyridakis, Mr Panagiotis Katsikaridis, along with other team members, from Axis Medical.

DSC 0098
Mr Martinus Harun Koentjoro, Mr Mr Rasid Harsono, Mr Ioannis Ioannidis and Mr Djony Winarto

During the ceremony, all Axis Medical M.O.T Turn-Key solution elements were presented in detail to Samator Healthcare representatives and all relatives questions were answered and explained.

DSC 0028
DSC 0028

Samator Healthcare team also visited Axis Medical showroom, where an Operation Theatre demo room is shown and all elements can be explained in detail

DSC 0066
Ms Sandra Wurangin, Mr Martinus Harun Koentjoro, Mr Ioannis Ioannidis, Mr Rasid Harsono, and Mr Djony Winarto, at Axis Medical showroom

With the kick-off of this new partnership, the two companies aim to provide MOT (Modular OPERATING THEATRE) as Turn-Key Solution, which includes modular wall system, ceiling, lights, doors, floor, control panel, scrub units, lead shielding etc in the territory of Indonesia.

DSC 0093

We are pleased to team up with Samator Healthcare, and look forward to work together and achieve our common goals!

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