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Construction of external hospital lift at AHEPA, donation of “Aimilios Chronis”

As part of an “EMILIOS CHRONIS” donation, we constructed a metal elevator at ward 2 of the PGNTH AHEPA, statically independent of the rest of the building. The elevator will ensure the patients’ faster transfer from the surgeries area to the clinic, as well as the normal and unobstructed movement of disabled people

This hospital lift has a 2.000kg/26 persons payload and movement speed 1.00m/sec. Τhe door leaves and the case are in satin stainless steel and the door opening is fully automated and telescopic. The mechanism is equipped with a German VVVF engine and full release function.

Microprocessor technology (with the possibility of remote access and control) with open file communication protocol CAN-BUS for down collective operation, complying with the regulations of EN81.20 and with the directive 2014/33 / EU. With energy save system (switching off indicators and cabin lighting when not in use).

Designed with GEFRAN inverter UPS automatic release system in case of power failure.

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